Air Heaters

Transform Your Present System Into a Bi-Energy One.

When you are adding a Air Heater to your current furnace, you can then use a different type of energy to heat the air and thus reduce the cost of your main energy.

This is why at  Chauffage L.G. Poupart we only use the best air heater on the market with high performance and efficiency, such as:

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Compatible with Hydro-Quebec DT fee.

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Sale, Installation, Maintenance and 24h Emergency

Not only we sale the best air heater but we also provide professional installation and maintenance plans to make sure their efficiency and performance are at their peak. And if ever a problem would manifest, our 20 emergency service unis will provide you the best service there is on the market!

With Chauffage L.G. Poupart all you have to do is relax!

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We estimate for free all your needs in HEATING, AIR-CONDITIONING AND AIR QUALITY. We go to your home on weekends and weekdays, day or night. Start Your Quote Request Now.


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