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Wall-mounted heat pump and air conditioner
Treat yourself to year-round comfort

Maintaining a cool ambient temperature during the summer season and pleasant during the winter season, the wall-mounted heat pump allows you to access both possibilities. For a specific comfort in terms of freshness, the wall-mounted air conditioner is to be considered. Browse our major brands of wall-mounted heat pumps and air conditioners that will allow you to cool and heat your space.

Heating L.G Poupart professionals will guide you to assess the range of possibilities available to you.

Wall-mounted air conditioner

In terms of air conditioning, the wall-mounted air conditioner is the ideal option for air conditioning a specific. Arranged in a specific location, it allows functionality to its maximum. It is a sensible and effective choice. Call on one of our professionals to find out more about the range of possibilities available to you.

Maximize energy efficiency

The wall-mounted heat pump is an ideal solution for homes with or without ducts. It provides heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. We offer a full line of compact and powerful heating and air conditioning products that are also energy efficient, flexible and quiet.