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The central heat pump

It consumes less energy than a conventional heating system.

What is a heat pump?

Using outside ambient air, a heat pump will control the temperature of your home by heating it in cold weather and cooling it in hot weather.

This device uses the same technology, for example, as refrigerators or air conditioners.

Central system with Central-Moov side discharge heat pump
The extreme cold is no match for Central-Moov. HEAT+ technology provides optimal heat with minimal energy consumption.
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How does it work?

In heating mode, a heat pump moves heat through the evaporation and condensation of the fluid contained in all the tubes of the device. In its path the fluid absorbs the heat contained in the outside air and after having been compressed (by the compressor), this heat is released and transferred either to the central heating system.

In cooling mode, the process is reversed, ie the heat contained in the indoor air is expelled outside in order to cool the rooms.

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